My New Series: Meal of the Month!

We, the passionate food bloggers, are always busy  (amongst the myriad other things that we have to do) sharing our wonderful recipes and gradually our old culinary creations are getting  buried amongst the huge heap that is building up on our blogs. So I thought it will be a great idea to create monthly menus using our archived recipes, which will be featured as the 'Meal of the Month!'; the menu will include one recipe each for breakfast, lunch,  dessert and dinner. Not only will it give us interesting ideas but it will also help us to revive our old posts, which usually go unnoticed (unless somebody is looking for it!).

Well, there is no fun partying alone is there ;) So you are all invited. Call it an event if you like but there is no time frame. Only one entry per blog per month though! And of course, archived entries only - posted 3 months before or older.  For people who are interested to join in, here is a quick look at the guidelines:

  1. All are invited and you may include vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes in your menu.
  2. One menu per blog per month only. So choose your best recipes and make it tempting!
  3. Menu should be formed from archived entries - 3 months or older! This is an effort to showcase our previous posts that get lost in the grind of daily blogging :D The older the better!
  4. To participate you should publish a new post featuring the menu and link it back to this page with the logo.
  5. Entries must be submitted by the 25th of each month.
  6. Mail me your entries to under the subject 'Meal of the Month' with the following details:
  • Your name:
  • Your blog name:
  • Your menu: (specify each item as breakfast, lunch etc followed by the recipe name)
  • Your post link for the menu:
  • Photos (size not more than 250 pixels) for each item on the menu must be attached with the mail.
At the end of the month I will post a round up of the menus submitted. As an example here is my menu for this month:

Banana Pancakes - Start your day with these healthy and yummy pancakes filled with the goodness of whole wheat, flax seeds and bananas.

Soy chunk with green peas - Makes a quick filling meal when served with steamed rice, curd and pickle.

Gajar ka Halwa: Traditional Indian dessert but made in a quick urban way!

Pasta with Zucchini and Eggplant: Finish off with this quick pasta dotted with yummy zucchini and eggplant chunks.

Please stick to the above guidelines; do not send me random entries or clog my mailbox with large size photo attachments! So come join the party. Dig into your archives and share your 'lost' recipes. Also let me know what you think of the theme :)


  1. I liked that. :)
    I'll be sending it for sure...thanks for announcing such an event.

    Round Up 1 : Cakes, Cookies and Desserts

  2. lust loved d idea...superb !!!will b sending it very soon !!!

  3. Sounds like a good idea...will join you in a couple of month's time :-)

  4. Nice event.. Will send in my entries

  5. nice event dear....wish u best of luck.....

  6. Good one rosh.. nice idea of teaming up & giving them the much needed coverage.. shall team them up & send!

  7. very interesting to send my entry soon..

  8. Thanks guys! Looking forward to your entries :)

  9. Nice event n wish u best of luck.

  10. great getting my post ready

  11. Shall surely send in something .. :)

  12. lovely event will send in my entry

  13. lovly event rosh ..please tell me wat's the last date of month to send etry in every month

  14. Hi Preeti! You can send me entries by the last week of each month. For this month you may mail me your entry by 25th.

  15. Lovely idea for an hatke : )
    Nice way to showcase our archives.
    Will send my entries.

  16. That's a fun idea for an event. Will try to get something to you soon.

  17. Hii rosh, how could send u link by mail or any linky tool....

  18. Hi Rosh, Nice idea to bring out the posts from the past. Will join in :)

  19. Nice idea. Will send in an entry after 3 months as I just started blogging :)

  20. this is such a brilliant idea...the times when i started blogging, those dishes were not noticed at i get a chance to bring them to limelight...will try to participate every month

  21. First time here... your idea of the event sounds fantastic.... will participate every month...
    My first blog event: Guest Quest
    Amina Creations

  22. Hi Rosh, this is an awesome idea for an event. I have started blogging 7 Months back.
    Now i love to send my entry to this event. I have sent you an E-mail and also here is the link im attaching to "My Menu" presented in this event.

    I will try to Participate every month.

    Do Visit my Blog for More recipes.

  23. Very nice idea! Will surely participate this month. You can even consider adding a snack recipe to the above - just a suggestion.


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