My First Blogger Award...Yay!

Anything first is always special! So a heart felt thanks to my wonderful blogger friend, Resh @ daily-cuppa for passing on this award for The Versatile Blogger :)

To me blogging is mostly about being creative ~ I always visit other blogs to enjoy reading their write ups and the photos of their finger-licking good, absolutely scrumptious dishes! This whole concept of blogging is indeed amazing; people from different parts of the world, who have never met or known each other, come together to share a common passion - FOOD. I am still a 2 month old 'baby' blogger who is exploring the vast cyber ocean of exciting blogs out there. But from what I have come across so far, these are the amazing blogs I would like to pass on this award to: 

  1. Anjali @ Spice n Sugar Tales - always most encouraging, she has an amazing blog with a great collection of  simple, delicious recipes.
  2. Lisa @ Lisa's Kitchen -  such a fantastic blog with an awesome collection of lip-smacking vegetarian recipes.
  3. Nupur @ UK Rasoi - neat and organized, a great blog with a wonderful collection of recipes and tips.
  4. Pravs @ Simply Spicy - very creative blog, a visual treat with equally appealing recipes.
  5. Sayali @ Treat your Tongue - great collection of  mouthwatering Indian recipes.
  6. Sravs @ Srav's Culinary Concepts - always innovative, her blog is full of recipes with very creative combos.
  7. Torviewtoronto @ Creative with Mom - truly versatile blog with amazing ideas for craft and cooking.

And now the RULES for accepting this award:

  1. Add the versatile blogger award.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you in a post and link it back to their blog.
  3. Share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
  4. Include this set of rules.
  5. Forward this award to fellow bloggers and inform them with a comment on each of their blogs.

Well, any happy moment calls for sweets! Here is my treat for you:

Chocolate Dessert Cake
Choffee Rocks
Chocolate Brownie Cream Cheese Sandwich
Layered Banoffee

Okay so here are 7 random things about me:

  1. Me a shopaholic - you can definitely feature me as an icon for the tag 'shop till you drop'!
  2. I am health and beauty conscious :D
  3. Good food, shopping for myself and great music are things that always lift my spirits up.
  4. Hate carbonated drinks of any kind.
  5. I am a lazy cook and sometimes very lousy too.
  6. My hubby dearest and my family mean the world to me.
  7. Addicted to Google - you get info on anything and everything under the sun.


    1. congrats on ur first award dear.....wish many more comes by ur way....

    2. You deserve the award dear...and good to know more abt u....happy blogging :)

    3. Welcome to the blogging world.

      Congrats on your first award, here's wishing you many more blogger awards.

    4. Congrats on your first award.. Good to know about you..

    5. Nice to know more about u:-)
      Congrats on the awards too!!

      Please link your entries to EP Series-Cilantro & Cumin Event
      Inviting Hosts for EP Series-Herbs & Spices

    6. recipes looking great n iam sure i tastes best...congrats n awards........

    7. @All: Thank you so much. Hope we can share more wonderful recipes. Happy Cooking! Eat healthy. Stay fit :)

    8. Aww .. thanks for the award. Very sweet of you and keep up the good work. Your blog looks great with fantastic recipes. and lovely photos.

    9. @Lisa: Thanx for the visit :-)

    10. ha ha .. good info about u . am a shopaholic too .. all the things you said goes for me too. Except Google, infact my hubby is addicted to that .. I sometimes wonder if I ask him do you love me he will say '' Search on Google'' you will get it :P :P

      Congrats on ur award !

      Ongoing event: ‘’For you – Mum’’

    11. @Nupur: Thanx! Couldn't help laughing at your Google comment lol Well mine is a pretty similar case...for e.g. if I want to know the time I have a tendency to check Google than look at the clock :-D

    12. Hey Rish,...Thanks so much for the award.And congrats to you deserve it. Great to know a little about you :)


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