Easy Chocolate Muffins

Love chocolates? Love muffins?? But not good at baking??? Well, then this recipe is for you... As I have confessed before, I am pretty pathetic at baking! Even when I follow a recipe to the T it does not turn well, which makes me wonder what exactly goes wrong each time (I am pretty sure it is not the recipe...). Each failed attempt has just made me realize that baking is not just a skill; it is mainly getting two factors right: 1. The batter is obviously the integral thing but then it is the way you mix it what really matters than the ingredients themselves. Over mixing and under mixing will both give you products that are worlds apart. And 2. The oven temperature! I have a pretty old oven that doesn't allow me to control the temperature (But can't complain 'coz every time something goes wrong I have something to blame :D). Preheating the oven, getting the right temperature and where you place your baking dish in the oven are all factors that can influence your baked goods. It all comes with practice and I am learning gradually with each attempt :)

This is a very simple recipe from taste.com.au that produces 12 gorgeous, crumbly, chocolaty muffins that we both enjoyed. I think having the muffin with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (we put that thought on hold just to avoid loading with more calories) would just take it to another level! I got it right this time so I reckon this is a fool proof recipe that novice bakers like me may want to try.  You can find the recipe here. Enjoy!


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