Molten Lava Chocolate Cake

Ooh La La... this would be one cake that all chocoholics fantasize about! Why, you ask?? Well, not only is it quick and easy to whip up this cake but the fudgey-gooey-chocolaty centre tastes irresistibly delicious that it will  take you directly to cloud nine... Perfect dessert after any meal...provided you looove chocolat! As you might have guessed from the pics, I didn't have the patience to take photos :D Serve this warm with a  large blob of vanilla ice cream. It is absolutely divine!

P.S. Anybody interested in knowing more about chocolate, check out this  video from Hershey.

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake: Recipe

Ingredients (makes 4):
  • Sweet Chocolate - 3 to 4 squares
  • Dark chocolate (74% Cocoa) - 100 g
  • Unsalted butter - 113 g, cut into small cubes (plus some extra to grease the ramekins)
  • Eggs - 3 large
  • Caster sugar - 65 g
  • All purpose flour - 110 g
  1. Preheat oven to 160 deg C. Grease four ramekins and set aside.
  2. Using a double boiler (if you don't have one, boil water in a vessel and place a pan over it so that the steam indirectly heats the contents in the pan) melt the butter and chocolate together till it forms a smooth mixture. Leave it aside to cool.
  3. Using a hand blender (or use a balloon whisk) whip up the eggs and sugar together till it turns pale yellow.
  4. To this combine the melted choc - butter mixture and incorporate it well.
  5. Add the flour and fold it in gently till it is well combined. Pour this batter into each ramekin. Make sure each one is filled only three fourth as they will rise during baking.
  6. Bake in the oven till the sides  are firm and the top begins to crack. Depending on your oven this would take from 12 to 15 minutes. The lesser the time the more gooey the centre will be. Serve warm with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.
P.S. If you don't want to bake all of them right away you can cover the ramekins with a cling film and leave it in the fridge until ready to bake; might take few minutes longer to bake though.


  1. This cake looks awesome...I can eat chocolate cake all year around.

  2. Molten lava chocolate cake looks very delicious and yummy..

  3. Looks so moist, feel like grabbing that spoon right off the screen..

  4. Very tempting, especially the first picture, mmmm...

  5. hi rosh, wow! beautiful blog, love this new face lift..
    the molten lava chocolate cake is making me hungry- me, a sucker for chocs :) have a nice day


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