Gimme GREEN! Round Up!!

Firstly, many thanks to all my fellow bloggers for contributing their wonderful creations to my very first event :) Frankly, I was expecting a little over 50 recipes or so but thanks to you guys we have got an enormous collection of 121 delicious dishes made from green vegetables and fruits!! Absolutely delighted. Apart from the sheer number of responses, I am also glad that I have a handy reference for cooking green - from very unique  recipes like plantain kebabs and pea sprout stir fry to fascinating combinations like bok choy mushroom wontons and wirsing rouladen; the variety is simply stunning!! Before announcing the awards, here is a look at the Gimme GREEN collection (Brace yourself, this is going to be one looooong post!).

GREEN Kebabs and Snacks: 
Let's munch on few healthy bites shall we?  
Recipe Gimme GREEN Contributed by
Firangi Kebab Baked kebabs with green peas and spinach filling topped with mayonnaise and tomatoes. Anjali @ Spice N Sugar Tales
Harabhara kabab Shallow fried kebabs made with boiled green peas, green chickpeas and spinach. Preeti @ Preeti's Kitchen
Tri-coloured Vegetable Kabab Three layered kebabs with the green layer made from green peas, green chickpeas and coriander. Preeti @ Preeti's Kitchen
Healthy bites Healthy cutlets made from soy granules and blanched spinach. Charu @ I'm a Foodie!
Spinach Sandwich Quick sandwich with spinach and pine nuts filling. Vardhini @ Zesty Palette
Lauki Muthiya Healthy snack made with whole wheat flour and bottle gourd. Charu @ I'm a Foodie!
Plantain Kebab Innovative kebabs made with raw banana or plantains! Anjali @ Spice N Sugar Tales
Matar Pattice Quick and easy patties with green peas filling. Amarendra @ Amu's Recipes
Brussels Sprouts Pakoras Amazing fritters with Brussels sprouts! Hema @ Aromatic Cooking
Palak Pakoda Quick and healthy fritters made with spinach. Jaleela @ Cookbook Jaleela
\'Celtic\' Curly Kale Tortilla Awesome potato and kale tortillas. Shaheen @ A2K
Garlicky Brussels Sprouts Amazing garlicky version of having Brussels sprouts. Shweta @ Our Cherished World
Keerai Pakoda Yummy green fritters made with Amaranth leaves. Sudha @ Sabdhas Kitchen
Capsicum Ring Creative green bell pepper fritters. Minu @ Ruchikaram
3-in-1 patties Romantic result of a love triangle between cilantro, soy and paneer. Reshmi @ Noel's Collections
Vegetable Shawarma Nutritious falafel rolls made with chickpeas, cilantro and parsley. Faseela @ Good Food Ends With Good Talk
Bok Choy-Mushroom Wontons Delicious appetizer with Asian flavours – bok choy and mushrooms. Mireille @ Global Tastes

GREEN Salads and Chutneys: 
Healthy and refreshing dishes - check it out!  

Recipe Gimme Green Contributed by
Nepali Cucumber Salad Interesting and flavourful salad with cucumber and sesame seeds. Amy @ Food Corner
EggPlant Peanut Butter Unique curry made with eggplant and peanut butter. My Kitchen Flavours
Gongura Mint Coriander Chutney Flavourful chutney made with gongura, mint and coriander. Sravs @ Srav's Culinary Concepts
Curry Leaves Powder Handy basic recipe with curry leaves. Vimitha @ My Culinary Trial Room
Tabbouleh - Arabian Salad Popular Arabic salad flavoured with parsley, mint and spring onions. My Kitchen Flavours
Healthy Breakfast Salad Nutritious vegetable salad. My Kitchen Flavours
Olive Chutney Unique chutney made with green olives! My Kitchen Flavours
Mattar Pattice Quick and delicious patties made with green peas. Amarendra @ Amu's Recipes
Kothamalli Chutney Simple and flavourful coriander chutney. Preethi @ Preethi's Culinary
Cucumber & Curd with herbs Refreshing salad with cucumber and yogurt. Fathima @ Simple Woman Simple Life
Kothamalli Thokku Yummy green coriander preserve. Sizzling Tastebuds
Green Apple Chammanthi Very creative green apple chutney! Faseela @ Good Food Ends With Good Talk
Creamy Basil Pesto Yummy basil pesto. Michelle @ Healthier Steps
Asian Pineapple Cucumber Salad Tempting sweet and sour salad with pineapple and cucumber. Easyfoodsmith
Coriander Tomato Chutney Delicious coriander and tomato chutney. Kaveri @ Palakkad Chamayal
Cucumber Mint Raita Quick and refreshing cucumber and mint salad. Sun, Moon & Potatoes
Edamame Hummus Healthy and delectable version of hummus made from edamame, flavoured with ginger and lime! The Taste Space
Cilantro Tomato Chutney Yet another version of yummy coriander and tomato chutney. Follow Foodie
Wirsing Rouladen Intriguing German recipe for stuffed cabbage leaves! Lecker and Yummy recipes

GREEN Soups, Rice, Pasta, Breads and other Goodies: 
Looking for a 'green' meal? Why not try these? 

Recipe Gimme Green Contributed by
Asparagus soup Tempting hot asparagus soup. Turmeric N Spice
Toor Dhal PalakSoup Quick and healthy toor dal spinach soup. Jaleela @ Cookbook Jaleela
Creamy Broccoli Soup Delicious broccoli soup. Asiya @ My Healthy Happy Kitchen
Palak Soup Nutritious spinach soup. Raksha @ Raksha's Kitchen
Snap Pea and Asparagus Soup Yummy soup with asparagus and snap pea! Corina @ Searching for spice
Spinach Rice Green and healthy – spinach rice. Minu @ Ruchikaram
Cilantro Okra Rice Very unique rice combined in okra and cilantro. Faseela @ Good Food Ends With Good Talk
Farro Risotto Kale & Peas Creamy and delicious risotto with kale and peas. Mireille @ Global Tastes
Linguini in nutty sauce Yummy pasta with cilantro pesto and mushrooms. Revathi @ Colors and Spices
Spaghetti with Spinach Green version of the popular Spaghetti Alio d' Olio – with spinach! Swetha @Our Cherished World
Zucchini Paratha Ingenious parathas stuffed with courgettes! Sun, Moon & Potatoes
Cabbage Paratha Simple yet yummy parathas stuffed with cabbage. Raksha @ Raksha's Kitchen
Potato and Parsley Paratha Yummy parathas stuffed with potato and parsley. Hema @ Aromatic Cooking
Cilantro Dosha Very creative green dosa with cilantro! Faseela @ Good Food Ends With Good Talk

GREEN Curries and Side dishes: 
Have a look at these 'green' accompaniments:

Recipe Gimme Green Contributed by
Sarso bina Saag Easy and flavourful side dish made with mustard greens. Rosh @ Chef Al dente
Bhindi Aalu : Okra Wonderful combination of okra with potatoes. Nupur @ UK Rasoi
Drumstick with Raw Mango Tongue tickling dish made with drumstick and raw mango. Rosh @ Chef Al dente
Spinach Moong dal Healthy combo of spinach and moong dal. Divya @ Divya's Culinary Journey
HARI BHARI DAAL Yet another green and healthy combo of spinach and moong dal. Charu @ I'm a Foodie!
Green Gram Curry Easy and healthy curry with green gram; flavoured with coconut milk. Rosh @ Chef Al dente
Spinach with Cottage Cheese Ever popular delicious combination of cottage cheese with spinach. Rosh @ Chef Al dente
Parippu cheera curry Delicious spinach and toor dal combo. Ramya @ Ramya's Recipe
White Kurma Flavourful concoction of veggies including broccoli, green beans and green peas. Preethi @ Preethi's Culinary
Puli Kootu Yet another creamy combo of veggies like green beans, raw banana and green peas. Preethi @ Preethi's Culinary
Beans Poriyal Quick and healthy stir fry with green beans. Preethi @ Preethi's Culinary
Urad Dal Spinach and Parsley Delicious creamy dal with spinach and parsley. Lisa @ Lisa's Kitchen
Palak egg burji Quick and tasty spinach and egg scramble! Ramya @ Ramya's Recipe
Methi Mutter Malai Divine combo of fenugreek leaves, green peas and fresh cream. Anusha @ Tomato Blues
Navratan Korma Delicious and creamy stew with nine different veggies. My Kitchen Flavours
French Beans Stir fry Quick and simple stir fry with french beans. My Kitchen Flavours
Mixed Fruit Avial Unique side dish with the flavourful combo of fruits including grapes, papaya and pomegranate! My Kitchen Flavours
Aloo matar dry Good Ol' fool proof combo of green peas and potatoes. Ramya @ Ramya's Recipe
Keerai Bataani Masiyal Healthy and delicious combination of spinach with green peas. Sizzling Tastebuds
Cabbage thoran Quick and healthy stir fry with cabbage. Reshmi @ Noel Collections
menthya Matvadi palya Unique stir fry with fenugreek and bengal gram. Paake Shaale
Spinach Dumplings Lip smacking dumplings made with spinach and rice! Vardhini @ Zesty Palette
Lilva Curry Mouthwatering curry with fresh pigeon peas. Amarendra @ Amu's Recipes
Indian Spiced Okra Love okra? Here is one more spicy and delicious stir fry. Resh @ Daily Cuppa
BitterGourd Subzi Healthy and nutritious bittergourd stir fry. Raksha @ Raksha's Kitchen
Matar Kofta with Coconut Milk Delicious dumplings made with green peas in creamy coconut gravy. Deeksha @ Dee's Kitchen
Baby Spinach Gravy Very healthy gravy with baby spinach. Kokila @ Foodies Nest
Green Beans Thoran Yet another quick and healthy stir fry with green beans. Minu @ Ruchikaram
Spanakopita Scrumptious spinach pie with cheese! Anu @ Hot Pot Cooking
Sprouted Cherupayar Thoran Very healthy and nutritious stir fry with sprouted moong beans. Faseela @ Good Food Ends With Good Talk
Spinach Subzi Creamy combo of spinach and potatoes with carrot and french beans. Faseela @ Good Food Ends With Good Talk
Beet Leaves Thoran/Stir fry Colourful and tempting stir fry with beetroot leaves! Julie @ Erivum Puliyum
Pea sprout stir fry Very unique stir fry with pea sprouts and fenugreek! Amy @ Food Corner
Double Pea Stew with Apple Awesome combo of split green peas with apples! The Taste Space
Bhindi Aur Paneer Delicious side dish made with okra and paneer! Mireille @ Global Tastes
Moong dal stir fry Quick and healthy moong beans stir fry. Reshmi @ Noel Collections
Hara Bhara Cauliflower Ever green and delicious cauliflower. Chandrani @ Cuisine Delights
Moringa Leaves Salna Very nutritious moringa leaves. Asiya @ My Healthy Happy Kitchen
Spinach Dal Yet another version of the healthy spinach and dal combo. Asiya @ My Healthy Happy Kitchen
Mung beans with Potato Quick side dish made with green gram potatoes; wonderful accompaniment for steamed rice. Rosh @ Chef Al dente
Paneer Veg Green curry Simple and delicious paneer dish in a green gravy. Jaleela @ Cookbook Jaleela
Palak Ka Saag Simple, healthy and spicy recipe with spinach. Anjali @ Spice N Sugar Tales
Alu Methi Another delightful version of fenugreek with potatoes. Sumee's Culinary Bites
Asparagus-Coconut Stir Fry Novel stir fry with asparagus – must try! Sun, Moon & Potatoes
Spinach & Chana Gravy Excellent combo of chickpeas with spinach. Fathima @ Simple Woman Simple Life
Baby Asparagus n Veg Stir Fry Another unique and flavourful dish of asparagus combined with shittake mushrooms. Resh @ Daily Cuppa
Millet w/ Spinach & Pine Nuts A healthy and yummy combo of millets and spinach with pine nuts. Mireille @ Global Tastes
Gongurra Dal / Pappu Flavourful and creamy gongurra dal. Radhika @ Tickling Palettes
Spinach & Vegetable With Mustard Sauce Unique side dish with spinach and veggies flavoured with mustard sauce. Chandrani @ Cuisine Delights
Chana Palak (Chickpeas With Spinach) Chickpeas with Spinach – one more awesome recipe. Chandrani @ Cuisine Delights
Millet Skillet with Broccoli Very healthy and nutritious combo of bok choy, broccoli, edamame skillet and millet! The Taste Space
Palak Panner Fantastic recipe for cottage cheese in spinach gravy. Mythreyi @ Yum! Yum! Yum!
Chickpeas and Spinach Creamy and mouthwatering chickpeas with spinach in coconut milk! The Healthy Beehive

GREEN Non Veg: 
Non vegetarians do not despair - here are some wonderful 'green' choices for you!

Recipe Gimme Green Contributed by
Cilantro chicken Flavourful and delicious chicken curry in cilantro. Divya @ Divya's Culinary Journey
Chicken Jalfrezi A colourful and delightful version of chicken curry with capsicum. Resh @ Daily Cuppa
Green Fish Fry Truly green – fish fry with cilantro, mint and green chilli marinade! Faseela @ Good Food Ends With Good Talk
Cilantro fish tikka Yummy tikka marinated with cilantro and green chilli paste. Reshmi @ Noel Collections
Green Sausage Masala Delicious and quick sausage in green masala. Faseela @ Good Food Ends With Good Talk
lazy cooks palak chicken Tasty chicken curry in spinach gravy. Simran @ Lazy Cooks Kitchen
Cilantro Chicken Yet another delectable version of chicken in cilantro gravy. Asiya @ My Healthy Happy Kitchen
Fish Corn-Palak Unique and healthy combo of fish with spinach and corn. Sonali @ Only Fish Recipes
Palak Lamb Exciting recipe of lamb in spinach gravy that will get you drooling! Schmetterling Words

GREEN Desserts: 
Sweet tooth ache?? Try these!

Recipe Gimme Green Contributed by
Mint and chocolate Ice cream Refreshing summer delight! Canela Kitchen
Green pavlova for St Chad Delicious and creamy dessert. Helen @ Fuss Free Flavours
Avocado Frozen Yogurt Healthy and yummy low fat frozen yogurt with avocado. Rosh @ Chef Al dente
Avocado Ice Cream Delicious home made ice cream with avocado Faseela @ Good Food Ends With Good Talk
Summer Splash Refreshing minty lemonade. Fathima @ Fat's Kitchen

I am terribly sorry if I have left out any entries - scanning and grouping the 121 entries  has literally left me a bit dizzy :D In case I have, do let me know and it will be swiftly included. No worries!

And now to the grand finale - the awards!

The award for 'Cooking Green: Master Chef'  goes to my dear blogger friend - Faseela from Good Food Ends with Good Talk. Thanks Faseela for the incredibly versatile recipes you have submitted. Enjoyed every one of them :) And here is your award:


For the Gimme GREEN! Popular Dish title, based on the number of hits and the votes submitted, I have selected two dishes - a veg and a non veg. The dishes are:

Hara Bhara Kebab by Preeti @ Preeti's Kitchen 
Cilantro Chicken by Divya @ Divya's Culinary Journey

Yay! Congrats :) And this is your award:

And for all the lovely bloggers who participated and contributed their wonderful recipes this is my token of appreciation:

 Thanks guys! Hope you enjoyed the round up. Keep cooking!


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